Important announcement first game is at Tuesday 7PM Central.

Meet the Party

Rendar Deathsong a Half orc ranger played by Duncan

Johnny Spurscrew A Gnome artificier Played by Goat

Nanuq A shifter shaman played by Harleguin Rose

Realms, both wondrous and dire, border the world. One such realm is the Shadowfell. Although not inherently evil, the Shadowfell is fraught with dangers, and the barrier between worlds can be thin. Sometimes the darkness breaks into the light.

Nearly two hundred years ago, a cult of the demon prince Orcus purposely created such a gap, connecting one of Orcus’s unholy Shadowfell sites to the world. Skeletons, zombies, and fouler creatures flooded through the rift into the light of day. The empire of Nerath dispatched legionnaires to eliminate the threat. The empire’s soldiers destroyed the undead, sealed the opening, and built a keep to watch over the location and contain the threat. This is the site known as the Keep on the Shadowfell.

Decades of peace followed, and the village of Winterhaven arose within sight of the keep. Eventually, the great fort fell into ruins and its grand purpose forgotten. Today, it is seen as a harmless tumble of stone and wood. If only that were true.

You will need Skype Maptools and the DDI character builder in order to play.

Download Skype here.

Download maptools here.

Download the DDI Character builder here.

My skype name is Thebaconvan.

Looking to run a party of 5 So first 5 people to post a character get in.

Characters start at level 1 level appropriate gold no magic items to begin with. Any race/class combination that can be created from the DDI character builder is fair game to me.

Combat will be alot faster but also alot tougher. Enemies will have less HP but more of them. I will challenge you.

This is A newbie friendly game. If you haven’t had to much familiarity or are a seasoned pro your welcome to join.

Please fill out when your available here Games will be held pretty much whenever the group is full and everyone has 4 free hours together.

Keep on the shadowfell